SAP Commissions

Advanced module management of commissions in SAP Business One

This advanced commission module for SAP Business One adds new advanced and customized commission models for sales agents and fully integrates them into the SAP Business One workflow.

Módulo Comisiones SAP

Add and manage advanced and custom agent commissions in SAP Business One.


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You can define different types of commission agents that will be inserted as employees of the sales department. These at the same time will be related to the business partners to be able to relate this employee with the definitive supplier of the service purchase invoice.

  • Commission agents insertion: allows you to define commission agents in sales employees and their type of commission.
  • Automatic calculation: automatic commission calculation when executing a sell order.
  • Historical: list of commissions paid. (by date range and / or commission agent).
  • Vendor purchase invoice: Invoicing and automatic insertion of the purchase invoice (commission) in SAP Business One.
  • Parameterize collections: You can parameterize the module to make the commission when the sale is closed and collected or previously.

Types of commissions supported by the module

  • Percentage Commission.
  • Commission for Invoice Quantity.
  • Commission for Units.
  • Commission for parameterizable concept (user field).

Module price: € 266 / month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* Para nuestros clientes SAP Business One se aplica un descuento especial de 50% y será por pago mensual. Para demás clientes no se aplicará este descuento y el pago será anual.

* El módulo Comisiones funciona para una empresa individual. En el caso de contratación para más de una empresa, el importe para la segunda y siguientes es del 50%.


SAP Commissions