Electronic invoice Public Administration

SAP supports the sending of their electronic invoices to the public administration since the SAP Business One 9.1 patch 12 version. For customers who have not yet migrated to said version or customers who have greater complexity at the data source level for files, you have the option of using our module to do so. Our module allows the mapping to be parameterized regardless of the SAP version and without the need to migrate from the SAP version in case the Public Administration makes changes to the format.

Electronic invoice Public Administration
You can also send your electronic invoices to the Public Administration


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Module price: 92€/month

* The module does not sign the invoice.

* A special discount of 50% for our SAP Business One customers is included in this monthly price. In case of contracting by non-customers, this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* The module works for an individual company. In the case of contracting for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

Electronic invoice Public Administration