Charges entering SAP module

Companies are required by law to keep the information their expense for 5 years. This means in many cases save lots of tickets and roles that do not always have time to order. 

The costs Consulting Axalpha module facilitates the management of these expense reports and links to SAP Business One

Charge notes entering module for SAP Business One

Your expenses no longer pose a waste of time.


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Reduce time workers lose their  to manage the tickets cost

The Expenses module allows each user to enter their expense reports on the Web application easily and quickly, as expenses arise.

The data will be stored in your ERP, which can be controlled and managed integrated into SAP Business One.

A month-end expense amounts are included in the monthly closing and are processed like any other figure, liquidated or being sent where needed.

You can also check the cost in hours of your projects

In order to improve control over the project, the module allows (optionally) in SAP Business One, to fill the hours being worked on each project and / or phase. Through human resource management, where we can assign a cost per employee hour, we can get a scorecard with an analysis of the cost closer to reality project.

The Expense Notes module allows you to computerize expense reports of your employees and manage them from SAP Business One.

The user enters expenses data as they are happening. They are stored in your ERP. At the end of the month, the expenses are included in the monthly closing.

Module's price: 132€/month
Price for each user: 26€/month


  • Imputation of hours per project: allows you the control of hours per project from SAP Business One: 132€/month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* For our SAP Business One customers a special discount of 50% is applied and will be for monthly payment. For other customers this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The Expense Notes module works for a 1 individual company. In the case to contract it for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

Expense Notes - SAP BO module


It enables easy management of expense notes in SAP Business One.