360 Commercial Module

Willing to facilitate commercial work and sell anywhere

The Commercial 360 module of Axalpha Consulting is designed to facilitate the work of the sales team, offering all the necessary data so that while traveling sales people can make sales, organize routes of visits and place orders directly.

The module data is updated with the SAP Business One central server automatically, so the sales team will always have reliable real-time data.

In addition another unique feature of the 360 Commercial lesson is that your customers will be able to place orders directly from a native APP for both Android and IOS.

The application can work even without internet access. Operations are stored in the local database and synchronized when there is an Internet connection.


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Advanced trading module features


Access to the catalog with the possibility of creating orders and offers directly from the application.

My orders

Possibility of viewing customer orders.


Customer data as well as internal annotations and all kinds of documentation for customers: orders, delivery notes, budgets, ...


Visits calendar for the period we want by viewing both the visits scheduled in SAP (Activities) and those scheduled from the application.


Section you can view the configured reports. More reports can be added and customized based on business needs.


Online support of the application.

Clients and Leads

From the clients option we will be able to access the data of the clients and leads of the assigned salesperson. You can search both text (by all fields of this type) and location. Apart from this we can filter by lead, client or client without a scheduled visit. On the same screen we will have the possibility of carrying out various actions.

  • We will be able to see the data of that client, as well as the shipping addresses they have.
  • Recent Annotations. In this section we can check the activities that are created in SAP, last calls and last emails
  • There will be an option to go to see the customer's documents, offers, orders, delivery notes, which exist in SAP. From this screen we can navigate to the document and see the detail.
  • In the "Billing" section we can see and consult the invoices and their status.

Visits calendar

From this option you will be able to consult the visit calendar for the period you want by viewing both the visits scheduled in SAP (Activities) and those scheduled from the application, synchronizing with the mobile calendar itself.

Create Orders / Offers

To create orders, it can be done from:

  • Customer list: Create Orders / Offers button
  • Catalog: directly adding in the cart. We will have to have the application with a selected client
  • Search for the Home of the application, with filtering: items can be added to the cart


Place orders, organize visits, consult customer data, prices, ... Everything the salesperson needs, on a mobile device to operate anywhere.

Operations are stored in the local database and synchronized when there is an Internet connection.

It shows the route of visits planned for the day on Google Maps.

Module price: 266€/month
License for each user: € 40/month


Collections Management:Create collections directly in SAP from the breakdown of documents that make up the customer's debt (A SAP DI-Server license is required for collection management). Price: € 66/month

Geolocation: Allows you to register the user's location to view the users' routes (SSL certificate required). Price: 78€/month

Geolocation with Schedule Control: It allows registering the location of the user with a marking of the beginning and end of the day for the visualization of the routes of the users (SSL certificate required). Price: € 92/month

Customer Access (*): allows your customers to download the APP from IOS or Android and to place orders directly. Cost € 266.00

* The monthly fee is a rent per use and includes upgrade to new versions.

* For our SAP Business One clients a special discount of 50% is applied and it will be for monthly payment. For other clients this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The Advanced Commercial module works for an individual company. In the case of hiring for more than one company, the amount for the second and subsequent ones is 50%

Note: There is a maximum size for the Catalog with images that may vary depending on the version of the operating system of the device used (IOS: approx. 50MB, Android: approx. 300MB)

Commercial Advanced - SAP BO module


The tool your commercial team need to provide the necessary information and make the sales anywhere.