Advanced Sales Module

Willing to facilitate commercial work and sell anywhere

Axalpha Consulting’s Commercial iPad module is designed to make the street vendor’s job easier, providing all the information you need to make business visits and ordering routes, updating the data on the central server of SAP Business One.

Mòdul iPad Comercial
Place orders, arrange visits, consult customer data, quotes, ... All the needs of the business, on a mobile device to operate anywhere.

This module is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile operating systems.

The module works independently if there is no connection.

When the Internet is unavailable, the Ipad Commercial module works with a local database on the same device that allows you to work normally.

Commercial iPad Module
This database stores the transactions, which are synchronized with the server when you have an Internet connection.

The module works with registration of calendar data, items, customers, item prices, sales and customer receipts, the central server.

All customer information is available, see the route of visits scheduled for the day on Google Maps, and pick up orders.

Commercial iPad module
Show your planned route for Google Maps Day

Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices

Apple, Android y Windows Phone


Place orders, arrange visits, search for customer data, prices, ... All business needs on a mobile device to operate anywhere.

Transactions are stored in the local database and synchronized when there is no internet connection.

Visiting route is planned for the day and is shown on Google Maps.

Module price: 298€/month
1 user license: 40€/month


Collection management: Create collections directly from SAP based on the breakdown of the documents that make up the customer's debt. (SAP DI-Server license required for collection management). Price: 66 €/month

Geolocation Allows you to record the user's location in a time frame with backoffice to view user routes (SSL certificate required). Price: 78€/month

Geolocation with Time Control: Allows you to record the user's location with start and end of day dialing to show user routes (SSL certificate required). Price: 92€/month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* A special 50% discount applies to our SAP Business One customers and will be for monthly payment. For other customers, this discount will not apply and payment will be annual.

* The Advanced Sales module works for 1 individual company. In the case of hiring it for more than one company, the amount for the second and subsequent ones is 50%.

Note: There is a maximum size for the Image Catalog depending on the version of the device's operating system (iOS: approx. 50 MB, Android: approx. 300 MB)

Commercial Advanced - SAP BO module


The tool your commercial team need to provide the necessary information and make the sales anywhere.