Project Management - SAP Business One

The Project Management module is an add-on for SAP Business One specially developed for the complete management of your company, organizational and accounting level.

This module is a great advantage in planning and control of hours, expenses and costs of complex projects, which are reflected in SAP Business One automatically.

Projects on SAP business one
A forward step in the management of their projects with the freedom of a application web based on SAP Business One


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The benefits of a web application

The Projects module works on any device connected to the Internet. This allows great flexibility in the implementation of projects from anywhere and advanced mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Your project under control

The project manager define a new project and assigns it to its makers, with their permissions and controls. Complex projects with multiple phases can be created.

Once created, the people involved in the project introduced dedicated time, expenses, mileage, etc. .

Supervisor can display the status of the projects in the project calendar, hours spent and expenses.

Once the project is cleared, the data is stored in an accounting entry in SAP Business One.

Key Benefits

  • Each project corresponds to a document in SAP Business One
  • Contains various formats print for presentation.
  • Provides analytical control to see the results in the balance of your company
  • Dynamic statistics to analyze such projects by territory or sales clerk

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* For our SAP Business One customers a special discount of 50% is applied and will be for monthly payment. For other customers this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The Project Management module works for a 1 individual company. In the case to contract it for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

Projects management - SAP BO Module


Developed for the complete project management of your company, at the organizational and accounting levels.