Master Data Module

The Master Data module helps you migrate bank account IBAN and BIC for the new European SEPA format, besides introducing functionality validation of NIF / CIF, EAN and bank details in your ERP SAP Business One

Master Data module

Manage successfully and easily the migration to the new SEPA format in SAP Business One.


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Migration to SEPA format

Allows update IBAN and BIC bank accounts at a stretch. Simply select trading partners , or just do not have the updated accounts and run the migration process.

The application automatically updates all IBAN and BIC bank accounts to the new format .

Validation NIF / CIF and bank account

The module adds functionality verification NIF / CIF, EAN code in the article master bank account and trading partners while entering data.

If you want, you can force the validations are mandatory or informational only.

Automatic exchange update

The Master Data module also performs automatic update of the exchange rate in reference to the European Central Bank (Eurosystem), the ECB publishes reference each day in concert among central banks in Europe and worldwide.

The Master Data module automatically update your bank account IBAN and BIC SEPA format of your trading partners in the master of SAP Business One.

The module also adds a validation system when you enter data NIF / CIF and bank accounts.

Version: Master Data Basic module:

  • NIF/CIF validation and bank IC accounts
  • ‪EAN code master article

Version: Master Data Advanced module:

  • NIF/CIF validation and bank IC accounts
  • ‪EAN code master article
  • SEPA format migration
  • Automatic updating of the exchange

– Basic Masterdata: 20€/month
– Advanced Masterdata: 38€/month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* For our SAP Business One customers a special discount of 50% is applied and will be for monthly payment. For other customers this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The Master Data module works for a 1 individual company. In the case to contract it for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

Master Data - SAP BO module


Allows easy migration from your bank accounts to the new SEPA format. You can also add verification by introducing NIF / CIF, EAN and bank details in your ERP.