Vertical Warehouse Integration

The main purpose of this module is to provide an automatic connectivity interface between the SAP Business One process flows and the Modula vertical warehouse interfaces.

Vertical integración almacéna SAP Business One

Fully integrates the Modula platforms in SAP Business One.


Vertical Warehouse Integration Budget.

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Extraction process

From the Sap Business One Picking purpose, a personalized option was available to carry out the article extraction process, this button will directly generate a fitxer (it is to configure a pre-established route that will serveix de pont) that will be After the process of the Modula system, it will automatically request the references to be used for the picking-extraction process.

Flujo integración vertical almacén

During broadcast for production (components)

From the emission window for Sap Bussines One production, when adding the emission document, a file will be generated directly (a pre-established route that serves as a bridge will be configured) that will then be processed by the Modula system and will request The references that must be used for the production component extraction process automatically according to the references that are being generated in said broadcast.

Flujo integración vertical almacén

Replacement process

The replacement process is similar to the extraction process, always generating a file that will be processed by the modula system, in this case, it will be during the inventory transfer process. For the inventory transfer process we must transfer the material to a MODULA location, that is, we will define an attribute in the warehouse locations where we can identify which specific locations are MODULA locations, with which when transferring material to these locations The system generates the file that it will transfer to the vertical warehouse so that it is in charge of locating the items correctly according to the guidelines of the transfer document..

Flujo integración vertical almacén

Module price: € 266.00 / month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* The Vertical Warehouse Integration module works for an individual company. In the case of hiring for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

Warehouse Vertical Integration Modula


Interface module for integration with the Modula vertical warehouse platforms.