PrestaShop online store connector

PrestaShop connector module with SAP Business One

The Module connects SAP Business One with the Prestashop on-line shop system, known for its ease of use and power. With this online store and the connection module with your ERP, you avoid duplicities and optimize management in at least half the time.

This module connects the products, orders, stock between the two platforms.

SAP Business One e-commerce
Sell your products around the world, 24 hours quickly and without duplicating efforts


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Until now, if you wanted to sell your products online, you needed to re-enter all the products in the electronic store platform, or in the best case, convert all the data between the two platforms for the first time and update them separately.

Thanks to the Prestashop Connector module SAP , you will have your virtual store in a few days connected to SAP Business One and manage it from the same site.

It connects SAP Business One with the Prestashop on-line shop system, known for its ease of use and power.

The module performs an automatic synchronization so that the products and modifications made in SAP Business One are updated in the online store and the orders placed in the store are reflected in your ERP. In this way, it manages everything from a single program without having to duplicate information.


All active manufacturers are sent from the ERP to PrestaShop. They are linked to the ERP through the internal code of the ERP. They are updated in each shipment.
All active categories are sent from the ERP to PrestaShop. They are linked to the ERP through the internal code of the ERP. They are updated in each shipment.
All those marked by a field created for this purpose are sent from the ERP to PrestaShop. The system allows all products to be sent always or only those that have been modified since the last shipment.
Price of the product:
The price of the product is sent.
The images of the product are sent.
The associated category is sent so that it is linked according to the previously sent category list.
The associated manufacturer is sent to be linked according to the list of manufacturers previously sent.
Those provided by the installed version of PrestaShop.
They must be operated from PrestaShop.These discounts go down applied to the prices in the orders that are sent to the ERP, the discounts applied to the total order are downloaded as a discount of the document in the ERP.
Upon request, web orders are downloaded from the ERP and processed for further processing in the ERP.
Transfer payment:
Default payment system of the online store

Additional features:


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  • Customized categories:
    module that allows to send to PrestaShop product categories with up to "n" levels of nesting. In SAP B1 there is a maintenance of the categories that will travel to PrestaShop (in the standard version of the connector, only families pass and are managed manually from the PrestaShop backoffice): € 39/month

  • Order tracking: automatic update of the status of orders in PrestaShop depending on their status in the ERP (picking, delivery note, etc.): € 33/month

  • Multi language: allows to maintain from SAP B1 the translations of the fields that are synchronized with eCommerce: 33 €/month

  • Multi-currency: synchronizes the PrestaShop currencies towards SAP B1: € 19/month

  • Multi-shop: connection to several companies in SAP Business One from a single PrestaShop store,
    with the synchronization of master data and order reduction in each company: € 66/month

  • Combinations of products (sizes and colors): allows that from the ERP, combinations of products are sent to the web, as they can be garments or colors. An article in PrestaShop with 2 variables (normally size and color). Combinations go down as Orders for linked items in SAP BO (in SAP BO there will be as many items as combinations of these 2 variables): 66 € / month

  • Product Characteristics: allows you to manage product characteristics from SAP and assign the corresponding ones to each product. The connector creates and updates the characteristics at a general level in Prestashop and assigns each product the one that corresponds to it and its value: € 78/month

  • Redsys Payments: installation and configuration of the payment gateway with Redsys card: € 20/month

  • Paypal Payments: installation and configuration of the Paypal payment gateway: € 20/month

  • Stripe gateway :
    Installation and configuration of the Stripe payment gateway: 20€/month

  • Packs Escandallos : SAP Business One material list integration: € 33/month

  • Automatic creation of orders: allows the generation of orders in the ERP is made automatically, with management of notices of generated orders and possible errors occurred during the automatic descent of orders .: 46€/month

  • Automatic Collection in SAP: an account will be automatically charged and will be reflected in the SAP balances in confirmed and paid orders type: Redsys, Paypal.: € 38.00 / month

  • Product attachments integration: module that allows PDF files from the ERP to be sent to PrestaShop (instructions, catalogs, etc.) so that they can be downloaded from the web by the users. You can send two per product: € 26 / month

  • Multi category: a product can be assigned to several categories (only available together with the functionality "Custom Categories": € 26/month

Stock integration 1 warehouse:

    the stock is always controlled from the ERP, so a programmable process is installed that updates the stock of products on the web "n" times a day (the basic plugin does not include stock management): 26€/month

  • Warehouse Stock Integration: stock rise for multiple warehouses. A programmable process is installed that updates the stock of products on the web "n" times a day: 52€/month

  • Customer Registration (B2C): Permite crear las fichas de todos los clientes de la web en SAP. Cada pedido nuevo creará el cliente en SAP. Coste 33€/mes

  • Google Shopping integration:
    integration of integrated SAP Business One products in the online store, on Google Shopping: €33/month

  • B2C Prices: Discounts on a single rate (WEB price list), which does not imply creation of groups of clients in PrestaShop, are discounts that will be assigned either to the group of registered customers of PrestaShop (Customers) or to all the standard PrestaShop groups (visitors, guests and customers). It allows:
    • Discounts for Period and Amount: € 33 / month
    • Integration of SAP Discount Groups to transfer discounts for: Article Group, Manufacturer, Properties of Article or Articles: 33€/month

B2C Connector: 132€/month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* For our SAP Business One customers a special discount of 50% is applied and will be for monthly payment.  For other customers this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The Connector Prestashop-SAP module works for an individual company. In the case of contracting for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

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Sell your products 24 hours around the world, quickly and without duplicating efforts.