Module Connector WooCommerce online store

Our connector module for WooCommerce saves you the time of entering data in your online store, since these are transferred from SAP Business One.

Your online store will always be updated on your favorite WordPress website.

Conector WooCommerce SAP

Install a store in your Wordpress and sell your products around the world with efficient management from SAP Business One


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Connect SAP Business One with the WooCommerce on-line shop system. With this module you have your online store updated and receive your orders using only your ERP


  • Installation
  • Start up
  • Teacher synchronization
  • Orders and Web payments


All active manufacturers are sent from the ERP to WooCommerce. They are linked to the ERP through the internal code of the ERP. They are updated in each shipment.
All active categories are sent from the ERP to WooCommerce. They are linked to the ERP through the internal code of the ERP. They are updated in each shipment.
All those marked by a field created for this purpose are sent from the ERP to WooCommerce. The system allows all products to be sent always or only those that have been modified since the last shipment.
Price of the product:
The price of the product is sent.
The images of the product are sent.
The associated category is sent so that it is linked according to the previously sent category list.
The associated manufacturer is sent to be linked according to the list of manufacturers previously sent.
Customers (B2B only):
All clients that are marked by a field created for this purpose are sent. It is possible to filter customers to update based on the date of last modification. The shipping addresses of each client are sent.
Discounts and promotions:
They must be managed from WooCommerce. These discounts go down applied to the prices in the orders that are sent to the ERP, the discounts applied to the total order are downloaded as a discount of the document in the ERP. (if it is not B2B or if they are cart rules that are the discounts that apply in the order total with coupons)
Those provided by the installed version of WooCommerce.
Upon request, web orders are downloaded from the ERP and processed for further processing in the ERP.
Transfer payment:
Default payment system of the online store

Additional features:

  • Order tracking:
    Update status of orders in WooCommerce according to the preparation status in SAP BO (picking, delivery note, etc.): € 66/month

  • Multi language:
    The translations from SAP BO to WooCommerce are synchronized: € 66/month

  • Combinations or variations:
    An article in WooCommerce with variations (usually size and color) and lowered Orders for articles linked in SAP BO (in SAP BO there will be as many items as combinations of these variations): 132 € / month

  • Customized categories:
    In SAP there is a maintenance of the categories that will travel to WooCommerce (in the standard version of the connector, only families pass and are managed manually from the WooCommerce backoffice): € 78 / month

  • Redsys :
    Installation and configuration of payment gateway with Redsys card: € 40/month

  • Paypal :
    Instalación y configuración pasarela de Pago con tarjeta Redsys: 20€/month

  • Automatic creation of orders: 52€/month

  • Integration of attachments of the Products:
    Attachments are uploaded in SAP BO to WooCommerce: € 52/month

  • Warehouse Stock Integration: the stock is always controlled from the ERP, so a programmable process is installed that updates the stock of the products on the web "n" times a day (the basic connector does not include stock management): € 26/month

  • Client Registration (B2C): It allows creating the tabs of all the clients of the web in SAP. Each new order will create the customer in SAP. Cost € 66 /month

  • Multi category: A product can be assigned to several categories (only available together with the functionality "Custom Categories": € 26/month

  • Integration Google Shopping: integration of SAP Business One products integrated in the online store, on Google Shopping: € 66 / month

  • B2B Exclusive Articles: you can define exclusive articles per client: € 52/month (B2B and mixed version only).

  • B2C prices: discounts on a single rate (WEB price list), which does not imply the creation of WooCommerce customer groups, are discounts that will be assigned either to the WooCommerce registered customer group (Customers) or to all standard WooCommerce groups ( visitors, guests and clients). It allows:
    • Discounts for Period and Amount: € 66 / month (1)
    • Integration of SAP Discount Groups to transfer discounts for: Article Group, Manufacturer, Properties of Article or Items: € 66 /month (1)

  • B2B Rate hike (Price lists) to WooCommerce of customers integrated into the web. Groups of clients are created in WooCommerce and each SAP client is assigned the group to which it belongs.
    These groups are created based on the customer group, the assigned price list, and the discount group application mode (Highest Discount, Lowest Discount, Medium Discount, do not apply group discounts)
    • Price Lists: € 38 / month (1)
    • Special prices for CI: € 52 / month (1)
    • Discounts for Period and Amount: € 66 / month (1)
    • Discount groups: by Article Group, Manufacturer, Properties of Article or Articles: € 66 / month (1)

SAP B1 Connector B2C Store: 132€/month
SAP B1 Connector B2B Store:
SAP B1 connector B2B store + B2C: 332€/month

(1) Requires the installation of several "plugins"

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes updates to new versions.

* A special discount of 50% for our SAP Business One customers is included in this monthly price. In case of contracting by non-customers, this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* The WooCommerce-SAP Connector module works for an individual company. In the case of contracting for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

WooCommerce-SAP connector - SAP BO module

Offer your products around the world, 24 hours a day, without duplicating efforts, connecting SAP Business One with WooCommerce.

Price: 990,00 €/month

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • B2C+B2B