E-mail Marketing to SAP Business One connector

E-mail Marketing software with SAP Business One connector modules

The e-mail marketing is a very powerful tool to get new customers. You can now use specialized software to send mass e-mail marketing without losing control of contacts.

Using our e-mail marketing with SAP Business One connectors, the information is automatically synchronized, so you can manage contacts from your ERP, with all the information captured in its e-mail marketing software.

E-mail Marketing with SAP Business One connectors
Use your favorite tool e-mail marketing for shipments and manage contacts and results with your ERP


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  • Manages information in one place.
  • All data is always up to date in your ERP
  • Avoids sending e-mailing to people who were retired in his soft e-mail marketing
  • Complies with SSI law and protection of personal data
  • You can use the contacts in the CRM SAP Business One
  • Sending from your favorite tool e-mail marketing specialist

Connectors with software e-mail marketing are custom-configured for each customer based on their needs in SAP Business One.

This module allows you to send information from SAP Business One to MailRelay and use the power of sending e-mail marketing of MailRelay.

Module price: 66€/month

* More Maintenance of 1% per month of the gross amount. Maintenance includes upgrading to new versions.

* A special discount of 50% for our SAP Business One customers is included in this monthly price. In case of contracting by non-customers, this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* MailRelay-SAP Connector module works for an individual company. In the case of procurement for more than one company, the amount for the second and following is 50%

MailRelay to SAP Business One connector


The MailRelay-SAP Module synchronizes contacts from SAP Business One to MailRelay e-mail marketing tool.