InterCompany module for SAP BO

Do you manage two companies shared functions? InterCompany automates document creation

Designed for businesses that are managed by the same operator and complement each other. This module avoids having to retype the document.

Inter-company basic module for SAP Business One
You can, for example, create a purchase document in a company from another sales document.


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The module operates in SAP Business One of the issuing company, sending document data delivered to the receiving company. The latter obtained a new document with the information. For example, imagine a manufacturing company of buttons that issues a sales document to your distributor. The distribution company receives data from the sales document and automatically makes purchase document in your ERP SAP Business One.

When you have two companies that are complementary each other, for example for the manufacture and distribution, you need to save time to rewrite documents that pass from one to another.

Basic version:Transfer order documents, delivery note and return between companies

  • Possibility of grouping documents
  • You can parameterize the pricing rules
  • Generation of user documents from SAP or optionally from an unattended process.
  • Price: 266 €/month

Articles option:

  • Adds functionality to automated transfer items between companies
  • Price: +66€/month

Master data only version:

  • Transfering of customers, suppliers and automated items among client companies.
  • When a business partner or article is created or updated, it is transferred to the destination company (from the master company)
  • Price: 132 €/month

* The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes support for newer versions of SAP.

* A special discount of 50% is included in this monthly price for our SAP Business One customers. In case of contracting by non-customers, this discount will not be applied and the payment will be annual.

* Inter-company module works for a company and transmits the data to a second company. In the case of procurement for more than one issuer, the amount for the second and following is 50%

InterCompany module


To create documents automatically from one society to another with SAP Business One.