SAP Starter Package software

The management program to start growing

Starter Package With SAP Business One you no longer rely on countless spreadsheets and systems that are not compatible with each other, leading to reduced performance of the company.

Need a unique application that can manage, streamline and optimize all aspects of the business, and quick to implement.

Starter Package, company management software for small businesses
Starter Package is the more powerful management software in its class. Start now from 1 to 5 users. 


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Reliable and fast implementation

An integrated solution for MSMEs, which includes a preconfigured software tailored to the needs of your company. The Starter Package version provides the best features at a reduced price that meet key business requirements for finance, sales, purchasing, CRM, ERP, and inventory.


When your company will need more, upgrade to SAP Business One standard

Jump from Starter Package to Sap Business One does not need migration, the change is instantaneus by a license upgrade.

With the Starter Package for SAP Business One application will get immediate visibility and control and at the same time, establish a stable software foundation to meet your evolving business needs.

And, when you need it, you can access the standard edition of SAP Business One, unpaid migration costs, and training and most importantly, without the need for new technology and new software packages. Keep your environment and will benefit from the additional features of the standard edition of SAP Business One.

Main features:

  • Accounting and Finance: Manage the general ledger, journals and accounts of debtors and creditors. 
  • Management of sales and customer relations: Easily track sales opportunities, from the first contact to closing the sale, and manage and update customer contact. 
  • Inventory and Distribution: Manage your inventory and operations, including delivery and billing. 
  • Procurement and relationships with distributors: Manage the entire cycle, from order to payment, including receiving, invoicing and returns. 
  • Reporting and Management: Access business critical information to generate accurate and timely reports.

Comparison of Starter Package with SAP Business One Standard:

Comparative Starter Package with SAP Business One