Why SAP®?

Affordable for small and medium businesses

Every company is unique, and that is why we offer a complete portfolio of business management solutions and business intelligence designed to fit your way of doing business, and your budget.

Designed around your business

SAP solutions for small and medium companies are designed so that they are complete, that offer the variety and quality of features needed to manage your business, easy to use, enabling rapid adoption with little training, and flexible, that can scale and adapt as your business grows. Every solution we offer is based on best practices learned over 35 years of experience working with SAP best-run companies.

Easy to implement and maintain

From affordable on-premise solutions to solutions with monthly subscription request, SAP and our extensive network of qualified SAP partners can implement our solutions in a few weeks. We will work with you every step of the way, before and after implementation, to ensure that the implementation is a success.


Features of the company today

  • 41 years of innovation and growth as a true industry leader
  • In third largest independent software
  • 1300 SAP solutions across 25 industries and 11 lines of business
  • 74% of the transaction revenues worlds touch an SAP system
  • Over 248,500 clients in 188 countries
  • 80 % of SAP customers are SME companies
  • 41 % of these SME customers are sold and serviced by SAP Partners
  • 13,000 partners in the SAP ecosystem
  • By 2015 our goal is 100% of the business of SMEs and 40% of the total revenues of SAP traveled through partners
  • SAP is growing at double-digit rates - that is a billion dollar opportunity for our partners