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Published every four months, the magazine discusses the latest technologies in the business world.

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SAP Club magazine 49

SAPClub 49 November 2014
The future of business: hyper connected economy. The new technological scenario with devices and ways of communicating is defining the business of the next decade.
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SAP Club magazine 48

SAPClub 48 July 2014
How to Succeed with strategic decisions: the possibilities of Business Analytics. Data analysis is essential for the competitiveness of small and large businesses.
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SAP Club magazine 47

SAPClub 47 April 2014
The power of "BIG DATA": The transition to a company in real time.
Improving the user experience is the challenge in an increasingly complex world of data.
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SAP Club magazine 46

SAPClub 46 November 2013
The cloud, the new business scenario. Discover everything you can offer the cloud in your company and according to your activity.
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SAP Club magazine 45

SAPClub 45 July 2013
New challenges of modern banking, real cases and interview with the Director of organization and projects from Banco Popular.
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SAP Club magazine 44

SAPClub 44 March 2013
SAP 360 Customer. The new customer experience. The technology will drive changes in the relationship with customers.
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