SAP Business One software

A single integrated business management application for small and medium businesses

SAP Business One is a business management software that integrates all the business necessary functions (including financial management, sales, customer management, e-commerce, inventory management and operations). Differently to many other small business solutions that currently exist in the market, SAP Business One is a single application that avoids the need for separate installations and the troubles to integrate multiple modules.

80% of SAP customers are SMEs. SAP Business One 15 Years of SAP ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

The "all in one" company management software that leads your company to grow up with no limitations.


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The accounting software leader on the market

SAP has developed SAP Business One and its management programs to provide the specific changing needs of small and medium businesses like yours.

SAP B1 software business management includes:

  • Project and Finance Management: Business Software to automate, integrate and manage all financial and accounting processes.
  • Production and warehouse Management: To manage the inventory in one or several warehouses, track stock movements, and manage production orders that are based on material requirements planning.
  • Customer relationships Management: To increase customer profitability and satisfaction with effective sales, management and customer service opportunities.
  • Business software, purchasing and invoicing: To automate the entire procurement process, from order to payment of the invoice from the vendor.
  • Reporting: To act on instant with the complete information that provides comprehensive and timely reports.


SAP Business One includes several predefined reports that can be analyzed in different ways by the selection and sorting functions. Navigating by a report you can quickly access the underlying details. It offers accounting software, customized management software, business management and document management.

Evenly, you can export all reports to Microsoft Excel and some documents to Microsoft Word. This capability allows access to data from outside of SAP Business One.

With SAP Business One, you can:

  • Improve the efficiency of the final results: Because it focus and integrates all your business data (sales, inventory, purchasing, operations and finance) in one system, removing redundant data entries, errors, and costs.
  • Focus on growing your business: Optimizing operations from start to finish,  you can focus on making your business more profitable.
  • Make decisions smarter and faster: Because it meets your company's information in a single data source, so you can difference between full and updated immediately , and your employees can react quickly to customer needs and be more able to make decisions.
  • Get a quick return: Because it will start and will be running with a single application in a few weeks. The intuitive user experience minimizes user trainings and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support.
  • Provide support to their changing needs: With the customization tools, very easy to use, and our complementary solutions, SAP Business One can be adapted and flexibly expanded to meet the specific needs of your company.


Advanced modules

Axalpha Consulting has also developed a series of advanced moduless further enhancing this powerful management software, with more specific functionality.

More information about the advanced modules for SAP Business One


Verticals for SAP Business One

SAP Business One vertical packages for specific business sectors. These packages gather special benefits for each business sector in particular

Vertical SAP Business One Hardware stores

Vertical SAP Business One Ferreterias

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