Servicios Cloud SAP

Cloud SAP 

Nou you can use in Cloud SAP Business One management software

SAP Business One Cloud

Free yourself from a local server.

With SAP Business One Cloud you do not need to have a server in your office, no need to invest in high-performance hardware and accessories, SAi, optic fiber connections, networks, sockets, cables, etc.
You only need an internet connection and you will save on hardware investment and maintenance.

SAP Business One Starter Package Cloud

What a better to start with Starter Package using a remote server.

Starter Package Cloud avoids you of the dependence on hardware in your company, that means working more comfortably, with greater flexibility and secutiry.

SAP Business One Hana Cloud

Enjoy of SAP Hana power without maintaining a high performance server.

SAP Business One Hana requires powerful hardware which is not always possible for many companies because of its high cost and maintenance. With SAP Business One Hana Cloud you can get that power, flexibility and security.


Cloud solutions for SAP Business One

Cloud server: work in the cloud is an advantage for those looking for mobility, comfort and economy.


We offer the use of our CLOUD solution, hosting your data in our Data Center designed and perfectly conditioned to ensure the highest of quality and performance.

We just need that information we can use when we want and safely.

From now on, the way to work is just access the Internet and take advantage of the experience of the best tool on the market for SMEs and all this with a single monthly fee.

Advantages of SAP Cloud:

  • 24 hour access 365 days a year.
  • Dimming costs.
  • Reduced investment and maintenance of infrastructures (UPS, air conditioning...).
  • Easy resizing server as needed (+ disk + memory + processor, ...).
  • Reduced investment in server hardware.
  • Reduced internal IT costs.
  • Reduced investment costs of software systems and their internal maintenance costs (Windows Server, antivirus...)
  • Atandardized access from Internet with any device, anywhere.
  • Installing SAP Business One Standard or Package.
  • Updates ERP and simplified operating system.
  • Copies of constants and safety longer be secure offsite for safety.
  • Access to MS Office applications.