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This is an SAP Business One solution for the Clothing and Footwear sector unifies functions specially designed for this business sector. SAP Business One Argentis fashion and footwear provides easy access to company data anytime, anywhere, through intuitive tools and reports.

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A powerful and cost-effective solution, SAP Business One for Clothing and Footwear brings together all the critical functions for the business.


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Features SAP Business One Argentis fashion and footwear


The Argentis SAP Business One solution for fashion and footwear offers specific tools that allow you to manage all your financial operations: general ledger, budgets, cash receipts, advance payments and bank reconciliation.

Simplified sales

La solució comptes amb funcionalitats de venda i distribució que ajuden a a crear cotitzacions de preus, ingressar comandes de clients, configurar lliuraments, actualitzar saldos d'inventari i administrar totes les factures i comptes per cobrar.

Customer management

The application records each Lead (from first contact to closing). All information about customers, resellers and suppliers is controlled by the system (including tracking customer interaction and customer support). The system also allows users to make: individual orders or generate individual price quotes among others.

Optimized purchases

Improved and automated purchasing processes from start to finish. Administration of supplier contracts and transactions, including the issuance of purchase orders, updates of inventory quantities, calculations for the value of imported items, returns and credits, and payment processing.

Accurate inventory

Data management at the level of the final item to predict, plan and manufacture products successfully, and precise and accurate control of inventories. The solution eliminates common inventory management problems when dealing with inventory levels, and is also integrated with other key processes such as sales and purchasing.

Perfecting PLM

Perfecting PLML application integrates Product Data Management that manages images, colors, materials and POM, with the ability to add sketches, concepts, documentation and images in the style of an existing file or drawing tool, while system manages raw materials and labor costs. The built-in web PLM functionality allows users to manage styles, colors and materials online, generate and track requests, purchase orders and critical activities, with the ability to give employees and suppliers access to the same data in real time.

Sales automation

Making the most of online work, SAP Business One for fashion and footwear offers a fully functional web presence for its employees and sales users. Representatives can enter and track orders, shipments, and invoices, as well as access customer and style information, while their customers can access seasonal styles. And, through the experience of clothing retailer and e-commerce, your customers can choose from a large number of styles, colors and other variables in a flexible and intuitive web store.

Efficient Fashion

In the fashion industry, the immediacy and accuracy of the Collection can make a big difference. With SAP Business One for clothing and footwear, the fashion book presentation is still fully controlled by the fashion house’s marketing staff, but it provides accurate information about collection taken directly from the system, including fashion options. style and color and this important real-time inventory. Availability, all presented to the customer in a visually appealing and highly intuitive application on a tablet.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Manages material needs planning (MRP) through an assistant that allows you to define a planning scenario and predict demand according to forecasts. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) are used for detailed scheduling, automatically factoring order times, delivery times, transition periods, capacity allocations, and resource availability, all presented in one format. easy-to-use graphic for users to easily identify if any intervention is required.



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