Boyum B1 Usability Package

Solution to customize and automate SAP Business One effortlessly

B1 Usability package

B1 Usabilily Package is a high quality add-on that allows you to customize SAP Business One with ease and makes it perfect for organizations of all types.

This solution brings a new concept of versatility to SAP Business One, ensuring a flawless user experience while providing the competitive edge you need to drive organizations to success.

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Advantages of B1 Usability Package


Data integrity

Data integrity and reliability is essential within an ERP system. “Unreliable” or outright incorrect data has a negative effect on decision making and business operations. B1 Usability Package helps to improve data quality in SAP Business One.


Improved UX (User Experience):

Improved UX with smoother workflows and interfaces specially designed for mobile devices.


Job optimization

Customization and automation tools to create better, more efficient and optimized business processes. B1 Usability Package adapts perfectly to each specific way of working.

Features of B1 Usability Package


Dashboards: a centralized interactive widget booth that allows you to analyze up-to-date information and make accurate data-based decisions. Web access also available.


Data display: display your data in eye-catching and colorful graphics and pop-up panels.


Custom reports: create your own fully customizable reports based on HANA or SQL.


Crystal Reports: display, print, or save designs based on Crystal reports.



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