This document contains a summary of the general conditions.

1.1. Pack of hours

Price hour:

85,90€ / hour

Discount escalation:

  • 0 – 19 h: 2%
  • 20 – 49 h: 5%
  • 50 – 99 h: 10%
  • 100 – 159 h: 15%
  • 160+ h: 20%
  • Packs of hours do not expire and are cumulative.
  • Packs of hours are prepaid.

1.2. Helpdesk

Price hour:

85,90€ / hour rate

Scalling discounts:

  • 1 h: 6%
  • 2 h: 8%
  • 3 h: 10%
  • 4 h: 12%
  • 5 h: 14%
  • 6 h: 16%
  • 7 h: 18%
  • +8 h: 20%
  • To cancel this service, the hours used must not be negative.
  • These hours are cumulative and do not expire.
  • This service allows you to access all the support manuals specifically made by Axalpha Consulting as an added value to the service.

1.3. Displacements and Diets

  • Kilometers from our office: € 0.43 / km.
  • Full-time diet: 17,90€.
  • Exceptional expenses such as hotel, plane, toll, parking or any related to the displacement necessary to go to the client's visit will be billed separately.

1.4. General Features of Modules and Licenses


  • The monthly fee is a rental per use and includes the upgrade to new versions. (possible services excluded) Such maintenance will be billed the current month upon acceptance of the offer.
  • All AXALPHA MODULES, work for an individual company and in the case of wanting more companies will have a -50% bonus.
  • Advanced modules are entitled to use, but not to source code.


  • In the event that the client contracts a personalized development, assuming all the hours of the project as well as its budget at the corresponding rate price without having any additional discount to our discount table detailed in point 1.1, the client may request the source code.
  • In the event that Axalpha Consulting assumes part of the cost of a personalized development, both in hours and in additional discounts or bonuses, the source code will belong to Axalpha Consulting. Likewise, all Axalpha Consulting modules are always owned by Axalpha Consulting and the client has the right to pay per use, never to the source code.
  • In the event that developments have been made to the client with additional discounts, bonuses or others and the client is interested in acquiring said source code, the initial budget may be reviewed to reach an agreement to acquire the contracted development.


  • All licenses acquired through SAP have a 20% annual maintenance on their gross value.
  • In case of payment by transfer the invoice will be annual in case of payment by a receipt will be quarterly or monthly to be chosen by the client.
  • For each SAP license you must add an SQL or Hana Engine. If the client already had SQL, he must provide it with a compatible SAP version.
  • There is a commitment to annual permanence. Before finalizing said stay it is necessary to notify 3 months in advance. 


  • License maintenance is included in the rental mode.
  • It is an annual commitment and annual renewals can be partially terminated by notifying 3 months in advance.
  • It has an annual automatic renewal.

2.0. General remarks

  • Any cancellation of any of our services must be notified in writing with a full quarter prior to the end of the calendar year and will come into force in the next quarter of the notification.