SAP Business One

Enterprise management ERP for SMEs

The management program that integrates everything that an SME needs to start growing, in a single application.

SAP Business One Starter SaaS

SAP Business One SaaS (rent mode)

1 professional user: 79€ /month
1 limited user: 45€ /month

- License maintenance included
- Implementation services not included

The best short-term option. Advantage:

  • Without initial investment, rent type
  • Allows for extension or reduction of users as needed
  • When you grow up, you can upgrade to Business One STD


  • Own local server (consult features)
  • Cloud Server: € 30 / month

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SAP Business One is the management program designed for SMEs

With the guarantee of SAP®, leader in management software, SAP Business One is the most complete program of its kind.


Comparison of Starter Package with SAP Business One standard:

Comparativa Starter Package con SAP Business One

For 1 to 5 users with simplified options, see SAP Business One Starter Package