SAP Business One Starter Package

Enterprise management ERP from 1 to 5 users

The management program that integrates everything that an SME needs to start growing, in a single application.

Starter Package licencia propiedad

Starter Package property (purchase license)

The best option to start with a professional ERP.
Without initial investment.
It allows users to reduce and expand as needed.

1 license: contact us

- Possibility of financing 12 months without interest
- Maintenance license: contact us
- Implementation services not included

The best long-term option

  • The property license is more economical considering that it is paid only once
  • When you grow up, you can upgrade to Business One STD


  • Own local server (consult features)
  • Cloud Server: contact us

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Starter Package is the ideal management program to start

With the guarantee of SAP®, leader in management software, Starter Package is the most complete program of its kind. Starting with Starter Package means establishing a management base that will allow your company to grow in an unlimited way.

With a simple update, you can change to the Standard version of SAP Business One and continue with the same way of working and knowledge of the program.


Comparison of Starter Package with SAP Business One standard:

 Starter packageSAP Business One

Comparative table Starter package SAP Business One
FunctionsStarter packageSAP Business One
Accounting and FinanceLedger and seatsYesYes
Basic cost accountingNoYes
Budget managementNoYes
Banking and payment processingYesYes
Accounting balances and report generationYesYes
SAP fixed assets complementNoYes
Sales and management of customer relationsManagement of forecasts and opportunitiesYesYes
Management of activities and contacts with customersYesYes
Offers for billing and granting of creditsYesYes
Management of service contractsNoYes
Entry and monitoring of service call managementNoYes
Purchasing management and relations with suppliersPurchase offersNoYes
Orders for billing and credit grantingYesYes
Lists of materials (BOM) for manufacturing, sales and assembly, and BOM templateBOM for sales and templateYes
Manufacturing ordersNoYes
Material Requirements PlanningNoYes
Inventory and distributionArticle management and article inquiriesYesYes
Reception, shipping, stock transactions, transfers and new evaluationYesYes
Management of serial and batch numbersYesYes
Price list and special pricesYesYes
Collection and packingNoYes
Reports and administrationFully integrated with SAP Crystal Reports software *YesYes
Drag and match, drop-down, search help and alertsYesYes
Approval proceduresNoYes
Directory of workers and scheduleYesYes
Remote support platformYesYes
Data migration workbench, data fileYesYes
Direct copy complement of SAPNoYes
Fields and tables defined by usersYesYes
SAP Business One software development kitNoYes
Mobile functionalityMobile applications for iPhone and iPadYesYes
IntegrationIntegration of subsidiariesNoYes
Supplementary supportSAP add-insAll except direct copying and fixed assetsYes
Partner add-onsYesYes
License optionsStarter package usersYesNo
All other SAP Business One user licenses, including professional users, limited users, and indirect access users: data interface server and SAP Business One software development kitNoYes
Maximum number of users up to 5unlimited

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For more than 5 users or total functionality, ver SAP Business One