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SAP Hana

The new Database technology "in-memory" of SAP that breaks speed impediments and reduces hardware investments

The volume of data we can generate and need at a given time is much greater than it had ever required. For this reason we need a new database concept where information is generated instantly and not stored in mechanical or fragmented hard drives in multiple databases on different devices.


A new concept in the hardware use in databases

SAP HANA can work real-time information, using the RAM (increasingly getting cheaper) and high speed drives solid state, combined with modern multicore processors. This combination allows achieving processing speed and performance thousands of times greater than conventional databases into a single platform.

This is especially valuable when it requires a great deal of analysis, large amounts of data and many concurrent users.

High response speed means to have more information and control, to serve more customers and to increase the number of operations. HANA increases thousands of times the speed of response.


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A new database structure in SAP HANA

Unlike conventional databases, which structure the information in two dimensions (rows and columns) in SAP HANA data is stored in rows or columns depending on their computing needs, volume, ratio or other programming needs.

Because the data is in memory it is possible to calculate large amounts of information “in the air” and give instant results.

At the same time, the possibility of compressing the data allows the use of more complex algorithms in less time, allowing high levels of compression.


The flexibility offered by the modern platform Cloud "in-memory" is essential to present data in the cloud and make real-time process without risks. SAP Hana data are transferred at high speed in SAP Hana Cloud, have at all times without waiting updated data. In addition, the return on investment in new applications is minimal thanks to highly satisfactory user experience that provides fast response speed.


Amazon web services Hana Cloud

SAP HANA y Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SAP recently certified Cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services) to use Cloud cloud servers with SAP Business One Hana. AWS have some Cloud platforms with high capacity of potimized memory from 244 GB to 1,22 TB RAM, using one node o multinode.

With this service, you can use the full potential of SAP HANA in Cloud mode on a optimized server for SAP Business One.

Amazon Web Services has the resources to help engineers and developers about the configuration and implementation of SAP HANA Cloud Cloud on their servers.

10 advantages of SAP Hana:

10 ventajas de SAP Hana