Much more than an accounting software

What is SAP Business One?

  • SAP Business One is a business management software, accessible and easy to use, designed specifically for small and medium enterprises. This system integrates all core business functions across the enterprise, including, among others: financial management, purchasing, sales, distribution, customer management, e-commerce and inventory management.
  • It is a unique application that eliminates the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. One of his most important and differential features is that offers an integrated CRM in the areas of marketing and sales functionality providing, thus complete visibility into customer life cycle.
  • With the implementation of SAP Business One, the SMEs improve their productivity and gains full control of the most important operations of the company. Easily can access to the full company, date and minute to respond to customers faster and grow the business more profitable and sustainable manner.
  • Unlike other products, ease of use, integration with Office, simplicity and low cost of maintenance SAP Business One, make without doubt the best choice in business information systems for SMEs.


SAP Business One Axalpha Consulting   SAP Business One schema


SAP Business One  ERP is the only size available in 14 different languages, supports the legal and tax requirements over 40 countries and its management and multicurrency accounts multiplan allows us to address  international projects , with strict control of those business units we have abroad