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SAP Business One operation is based on teamwork by accessing the users involved in the management of the company on several levels based on their role within the activity they perform.

Each type of user has access to certain resources and corresponds to a type of license more or less power. The distribution of tasks per license, plus control over users, reduce the cost depending on the configuration of the organization as each license has a different cost.

User types:

  • Professional User: is the admin user has full access to all program functions. They usually have one or two administrations for business users.
  • Limited CRM user: since for managing relationships with customers.
  • Logistics Limited User: user with access to activities flow of goods, energy and information. Has full or view-only access to specific aspects in purchasing, sales, production and general functions.
  • Limited Financial user: profile finance company, has privileges on everything that happens to the administration, banks, shopping whole or in part.
  • Indirect access user: it has access as a partner contributor to the resources associated with its services and communication.
  • Sales CRM user: Previous to version 2008 for sales management in relationships with customers user.
  • CRM User Services: prior to version 2008 for service management in customer relations user.
  • User Starter Package: the administrator user with access to all functions of SAP Business One Starter Package.

Analytic users

User group dedicated to the analysis of business information.

  • User Advanced Analytics: full access to "dashboards"
  • User Premium Analytics: full access to "dashboards" and interactive analysis with Microsoft Excel
  • SAP Hana user: full access to "dashboards" and performance indicators
  • User Premium for SAP Hana: full access to all fucionalidades analysis
This administrator user license have access to all the software without restrictions.
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CRM limited user. Allows the user to manage the sales opportunities from the first call, from or to the customers throught the desired purchase.
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The financial license is focused to the financial accounting and financial personnel.
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The license covers all the functions directly related to the logistics process.
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Additional user access to data and analytical summaries.
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Full access to analytical data user.
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Mobile SAP Business One application user license
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